Our Brands

We are proud to supPAWt small businesses based in the USA. 

If you do not see your favorite dog related small business, please email products@ruffingdales.com.



Speckle and Spot by Ore’ Originals • Est. 1989 • Long Beach, CA • Woman-Owned

Oré Originals has been creating a legacy of Happy Products for Good People and Pets since 1989. It all began in a small garage in Southern California. Lisa Lowe founded Oré Originals with a love for design and a passion for color, print, pattern and creating useful things. After adopting - and falling in love with - an English Bull Terrier named Stanley, Lisa began designing products to help make pet ownership more enjoyable and fun. The result is the Speckle & Spot Collection of essential and unique pet items for dogs and cats.


Euro Dog Collars and Leads • Denver, CO • Est 1995 • Women-Owned • Gives Back

Obsession with quality, craftsmanship, and attention to the finer things in life are finally affordable for your dog with Euro-Dog. European Style since 1995. Euro-Dog collars and leashes are a traditionally serious fashion in an ever-changing world. Born in Eastern Europe, Euro-Dog is made in Colorado, keeping its European roots for a classic look that is truly one of a kind. “Euro-Dog hit the mark, by finally bringing luxury down for everyone. This is the highest quality at the lowest price, made with pride in America. Europeans not only have high-end design, but the best durability, and this has finally hit the US Pet Industry with Euro-Dog.” -Mike Wynar VP of Euro-Dog OUR STORY. Hundreds of years of European culture pervade the durability and style of Euro-Dog. Two families united from Europe and America to bring you the highest quality American leather and superior materials paired with fine European steel. A genuine leather flat collar ornamented with polyester stitching making the collar pop and a tongue of extra leather to protect your pup. It's easier to clip your dog with the lead ring on the back and also great for dog training. Born and raised in Europe, Euro-Dog is now made with durable American leather and forged European steel in Colorado.


Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. • Miami, FL• Est. 2006 • Woman-Owned • Gives Back

The foremost purveyor of exceptionally crafted five-star dog treats, all made in the USA. Their entire line is all natural & preservative free, small batch artisan made treats. Every treat is wheat, corn, soy & gluten free. They use locally sourced ingredients and free-range meats and never use any artificial colors, flavors or GMO ingredients. Just healthy & simple ingredients that dogs love. A portion of all sales goes to the Bubba Rose Foundation, their own 501(c)3 charity to help the local stray dog population. They feel very strongly about adoption and run their own non-profit rescue and assist program. There are so many animals in shelters in need of a good home, it is something very dear to our hearts and the philosophy of this business.

Thread & Paw • St. Petersburg, FL • Est. 2013 • Woman-Owned • Handmade • Gives Back 

Carolyn, the maker and devoted dog lover behind Thread and Paw is constantly inspired by the love of her own pup (Windsor) to create high quality and one-of-a-kind pet goods for dog/cat lovers and their furry friends.Her products are lovingly handmade with care using materials that are both eco-friendly and responsibly sourced within the USA. Proceeds from each and every order are donated to organizations who provide food, shelter and health care to animals who need help


PetKnowledgy By Spunky Pup • Lawrenceville, GA• est 1988 • Handmade

At PetKnowledgy by Spunky Pup, they believe pet treats should be fun, so they created their line with that in mind. Their bright and cheerful products are made with their unique recipe: a handful of playful, a spoonful of whimsy, and a dash of quirky, blended with care and baked with love. With thirty plus years of tradition and experience, their brand knows what pets like. Their biscuits are made by hand and blended in small batches. All of their products are made using all-natural, simple ingredients. Every biscuit is baked, sourced, and lovingly made from scratch in the USA. 

Royal Paws Club • Douglasville, GA • Women Owned • Organic • Eco Friendly • Handmade

Their founders and Food Artists have developed Organic, all natural, clean dog treats made with every dog in mind. The Pride’s farm is full of life. They have cats, chickens and 8 dogs! Pet parents are looking for pet foods with purpose not only nutritious, but functional in some ways somewhat personalized to their pets needs or to their own feeding philosophy or beliefs. All treats are made to order!


Blue Feather Shop • Chicago, Illinois • Est 2019 • Women Owned • Handmade • Organic

Discover the enchanting world of BLUE FEATHER, where ART and DOGS unite to bring inspiration, upliftment, and pure joy to your life. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a devoted dog lover, or both, they invite you to immerse yourself in their collections where creativity and canine love intertwine like a match made in heaven. All the products are designed and handmade by Pat Nunez, an artist and psychologist based in Illinois. 

Haute Diggity Dog • Chicago, IL  • Est 2004 

Haute Diggity Dog is the original designer parody plush dog toy company. Haute Diggity Dog was launched in 2004 and quickly took the pet world by storm! Customers couldn’t live without their Chewy Vuiton plush handbag or their Jimmy Chew shoe toy. You can count on Haute Diggity Dog to bring you the most stylish & sophisticated toys and accessories for your four-legged friend. 

JoJo Modern Pets • Aurora, IL  • Est 2012 • Women Owned 



Give Pet • Overland Park, KS • Est. 2016 • Gives Back

Chris has always had a passion for dogs. And ever since his family adopted his first dog, Lummox, when he was five years old, he’s also been passionate about giving back to animal shelters. At first, it was just donating to the local shelter when he, his wife and three kids could. But after 112 years working in the premium pet food industry – that’s 16 in human years – Chris saw an opportunity to do something that could make a mastiff, er, massive impact for shelters nationwide. You see, Chris knew that training dogs for adoption requires a steady stream of healthy treats. He also knew that there are millions of warm-hearted dog owners out there that would be thrilled to buy a premium, natural product that gives back to animal shelters they love. From there, GivePet was born. A portion of the profits from every bag goes back to one of their shelter partners in the form of the very same treats they sell to dog owners across the country. 


Cody's Creations • Medway, MA • Woman Owned • Gives Back




Natural Rapport • Est. 2015 • Gives Back

Natural Rapport is primally different. They went back to Mother Nature’s tool kit and developed uncomplicated pet essentials - uninterrupted by needless meddling and processes. What you see is what you get, but they are anything but basic - their products are chock full of the good stuff and devoid of the marketing noise. Uncomplicated, natural, effective: that is their promise to you & your family. When it came to creating their own products, they follow these three simple rules: 1. Keep it uncomplicated. 2. Make sure it does what it says it does. 3. Keep it as close to nature as possible. No marketing tricks- just effective, straightforward products that are easy to use and would be endorsed by Mother Nature herself. They carefully develop each product to perform superbly and fulfill the bold statements on our label. 


Delightfully Delicious Dog Treats • Rochester, NY • Est. 2014 • Woman-Owned • Handmade

Founder Laura, after a successful yet stressful career in corporate America, decided that her life would be better spent following my dreams. She combined her passion for animals and love of baking and Delightfully Delicious was born. They make a range of All Natural Dog Treats, Dog Care Products, and Dog Grooming Products that are developed and produced right here in the USA under a simple philosophy: only the best and safest ingredients for our furry friends. All of their dog treats are made using human-grade ingredients sourced from local NY restaurant suppliers. These delicious dog treats are made from just a few ingredients, are vegan, and importantly, they are free of the top dog allergens - the dog treats are soy-free, wheat-free, and corn-free, making them a safe and scrumptious option that will keep customers coming back for more! The dog shampoo bars are all natural and eco-friendly, with no harsh chemicals going down the drain. You don’t have to use much of the dog soap to get a good lather, making their pet shampoo bars long lasting and hard working. 

Good Reasons Dog Treats • North Salem, NY • Employs those w/Special Needs • Gives Back

Good Reasons® was bred from a love of all living creatures and a deep understanding of the value of a diverse, inclusive society. As the CEO of Community Based Services, Good Reasons’ founder, Vicki Sylvester, PhD., has been an advocate for the disabled community for over 30 years. When the state of New York asked its network of providers to help create jobs for people with disabilities, Sylvester decided to combine her love of animals with her professional experience to create a company committed to making a meaningful difference. Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. was born. Named for Sylvester’s own trio of tail-waggers, Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. serves up delicious, all-natural dog treats with a recipe stirred together by chef Allan Katz, an alumnus of The Culinary Institute of America, and produced by an integrated workforce. As Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. started to claw its way to the top of the dog treat trade, Sylvester sought out a new name for the company that was more reflective of its overall mission and values. She decided to change the name of the brand to Good Reasons®. “We want to let our customers know that by buying our dog treats their pets get to experience the best human-grade, tasty treats on the market while helping people with autism and other special needs achieve independence through the power of an integrated workplace,” explained Sylvester. “We are a company that employs people with and without special needs in an inclusive, supportive environment. We’re here to sell dog treats, create opportunities and prove to other companies that hiring people with disabilities works!” With each and every purchase you make, you’re not only offering your best friend a dog treat, you’re providing an opportunity for a more productive and meaningful life to people of all abilities. All profits from our treat shop go directly back to our mission. Now, those are good reasons to wag your tail!

Life is Grruff • Greenport, NY • Est. 2010 • Woman-Owned • Eco Friendly • Handmade

Life is Grruff was born to give back to all dogs with families that love to give healthy treats but lack the time to make them. Life is Gruff Treats are baked on Long Island, New York. All of their treats are carefully created, and taste tested to ensure firsthand that your pup will love them. Their bakery has been working with their local brewery for 7 years to upcycle their spent grains into tasty healthy treats. They currently work with 6 breweries and a distillery helping keep over 74 tons of grains from waste to date. These treats are higher in fiber and protein than treats that are only made with wheat flours. Using the spent grains can lower the calorie count by 7%, increase protein content by 50%, and double fiber content when replacing wheat flour.

Love Thy Beast • New York, NY • Women-Owned • Gives back•  Handmade • Eco friendly

LoveThyBeast has been inspired by your pet’s life in an overtly metropolitan city. The brand evolved beyond just the pet tote into designing timeless, unisex canine wear, plush beds, edgy jackets plus all the essentials in-between.

oHHo • Bedford, NY • Est. 2020 • Eco friendly

They didn’t join the CBD industry to make a quick buck. Every stage of their product development [from seed to product] is handled with diligence, sustainability and a strong code of ethics. Their plants are sun grown in native soil in the most pristine regions in America. They capture what nature provides without adding or complicating. Their oils have only two ingredients: Hemp Extract & MCT Oil, both of which you can spell and their other products only contain complimentary ingredients that showcase the power of our cannabis extracts. Healthy genetics, farmed gently, clean extraction, pharmaceutical grade bottles, sustainable packaging & a ton of research. They leave the corner cutting to everyone else. Transparency & clarity of information are integral to fostering a community built on trust. They invest in people, establishing authentic human relationships throughout our supply network. Their small scale farming practices allow for a more human & less industrial farming process, enabling us to support individual families and local communities with utmost respect for the land. They are focused on galvanizing the society which fosters us. As we find our place in the legal cannabis space, they also work to rebuild the lives of those who have suffered disproportionately from cannabis criminalization.

Pearhead • Brooklyn, NY • Est 1999

At Pearhead, they aim to create genuine, quality products to celebrate your special moments in life. They are a family of designers, marketers, and trendsetters bringing products to life that will bring a smile to your face. From concept and design to production and customer service, the Pearhead team works together seamlessly every step of the way.

Pupster Bakery • New York, NY • LGBTQ+ Owned • Organic • Handmade

Pupster Bakery is a boutique pet bakery that was founded in 2014. They specialize in organic, vegan, all natural, gluten free and human grade ingredient treats. They offer simple ingredients, so you know exactly what is going into your pets' body. They seek out the highest-grade ingredients and bake in small batches, so every batch is made from scratch. They strive to bring creativity and fun to their pet treats while keeping the healthy integrity that every pet deserves. Their treats are dehydrated and have a shelf life of 4 months. No need for refrigeration. Their bagged treats have silica packets to remove more moisture and extend shelf life. Since they do not use any chemicals or preservatives, their treats will be more on the crunchy side, but easy to break apart. They contain no added preservatives, chemicals, or artificial dyes or flavors. All of their recipes laboratory tested. 

Salt and Sparkle • Rockaway Beach, NY • Est. 2015 • Woman-Owned • Handmade

Salt and Sparkle is an irreverent and conversation-starting gift shop—with eco-friendly built in its DNA. They handcraft badass basics for him, her, them and your badass little ones. Randi, a Brooklyn native, a high school guidance counselor, an animal advocate and a full-time entrepreneur lives in Rockaway Beach, NYC with her husband Steve, son Murray and their six rescue cats. She grew her handmade gift shop organically out of her love for personalized jewelry and her obsessive need to do it all herself. She is a one woman show - with a little help from her husband when she needs it. She uses vegan inks and no animal products in my jewelry making processes and am constantly trying to make my business as cruelty free as possible. She purchases the vast majority of her materials from other women-owned small businesses all over the country. She likes playing on the beach with Murray, practicing yoga and being an all-around badass vegan feminist small business owner. And her favorite part of this business is becoming part of your life story. She designs and makes every item in her shop. She hand stamps and ties a bow on every gift box, with the direct supervision and approval of my full-time quality control team - the cats.

Snug Arooz • Commack, NY • Est. 2018 • Eco Friendly

Introduced at Global Pet Expo 2018, Snugarooz is an innovative collection of interactive dog toys for fun-loving dogs. Every single item is designed to epitomize the official mission of the brand: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" Snugarooz Plush Toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart, while Snugarooz Knotted Toys are engineered to endure exuberant tugging and chewing. All products are created from safe, non-toxic materials with durable construction throughout. Their plush toys are made with environmentally friendly materials. With the purchase of these toys you are helping sustain the planets natural resources.  

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co., Inc • Ballston Spa, NY • Woman-Owned  • Gives back

In 2001, Amy decided to combine her love for dogs with a simple recipe from her home oven to create The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. She started by giving peanut butter treats to friends and co-workers for their dogs. The response was amazing, so she decided to take space at an open-air farmers market in York, Pa. Keith and Amy were a little skeptical about setting up at 7:00 am on a Saturday to sell dog treats. However, the customers embraced their products. Slowly they added a few local markets and pet stores but stayed focused on farmers markets and weekend festivals. After a short two-year stay in Pittsburgh, PA, they moved to Grand Rapids, MI. In 2004, Amy decided to exhibit at theirr first pet product industry tradeshow. It was the first time Amy saw what Lazy Dog could become, and realized this could be her career. Their stay in Grand Rapids was short. After only 18 months they had an opportunity to move closer to home and settled in Saratoga Springs, NY. For the third time in less than six years Amy set up her bakery - in the garage - and kept spreading the word about the benefits of wheat-free treats for dogs. Only one short year after relocating to Saratoga Springs, Keith and Amy decided to take a leap of faith and focus our combined efforts on Lazy Dog. Keith resigned his Corporate Sales position with Heinz Ketchup and joined Amy full time.


The Worthy Dog • Lewis Center, OH

The Worthy Dog designs & develops fun AND functional products for your favorite pets! They produce apparel, neckwear, and accessories that make a statement in both timeless & fashion forward patterns. Guaranteed to make heads turn at the dog park!


Melmo's Dog Treats • Philadelphia, PA • Woman-Owned • Handmade 

As a lifelong dog owner of both show dogs and rescue dogs, this woman-owned business is proud to be a trusted member of the pet industry for 5 years and counting. Five ingredients or less in every treat, all made by hand with locally sourced ingredients. Melmo's treats are great for designer dogs, allergy-prone dogs, older dogs, and those picky eaters. As always #peopletesteddogapproved


Santa Barbara Design Studio • Lewisburg, Tennessee

Santa Barbara Design Studio is all about imagination and design, working with artists in an effort to be fun, fab, and unique. Their California roots leads them toward casual and hip, but they’re not confined to anything. They don’t want to be labeled, they want to have fun. Their eclectic collections encourage personal style with pops of color and art. Their creative team works and plays from California, Arizona, Tennessee and Florida. Since 1976, SBDS has encouraged their customers to take a chance and experience something new and different. Experience the Santa Barbara Design Studio vibe. 


EveryFridayMorning • Houston, Texas • Woman-Owned • Give Back • Handmade
Kana started volunteering at an adoption center over 8 years ago. She volunteered because she wants homeless animals to have the hospitality they deserve. She came up with an idea to start making dog bandanas and bow ties so that during a photoshoot, they would be more appealing to future adopters. All animals deserve love, care and a good family. All of her shop products are made with a lot of love and care.