Our Story

In August of 2011 I adopted a 4 month old Pitbull Mix that I named Gehrig. I was a single "dog mom" and over the next 7 years we pretty much did everything together, from traveling to shopping, to moving from our home in Fort Myers, Florida back north to New York, where I grew up. Around Gehrig's 7th Birthday, he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma- a highly malignant cancer that affects the liver, spleen, heart, and skin. After surgeries, chemotherapy, various medications and holistic treatments, mixed with a summer of "fun", Gehrig's battle was over. Five months after his diagnosis my crazy pup was gone.

During those 7 years of spoiling Gehrig, I entered many pet stores, always feeling overwhelmed yet underwhelmed. So many of the same products, many low quality and few representing small businesses. We were able to travel a lot due to his love of dock diving (jumping off of a 40 foot dock into a 40 foot pool and measured in distance, height, and speed) and I was fortunate to encounter some of these small businesses at events. I wished there was a store that supported these high quality, small business brands, who sold unique products, with my shared desire to give back.

Ruffingdales was created with the mission of providing a platform for like-minded customers to come together with the shared desire to give back and support small businesses.  

I look forward to growing our presence and giving back to communities in Westchester County NY, Southwest Florida, and throughout the United States. 

-Stef 🐾Founder, President & Top Dawg at Ruffingdales, Inc.🐾